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Amar embroidery is an extension of Ludhiana Woollen & Silk Mills Pvt. Ltd (LWSM), the pioneers of Schiffli Embroidery in India. Mr. G. S. Uppal, Director and Chairperson of LWSM was the first person to start Schiffli Embroidery in Mumbai in 1962. His Father Mr. Ram Singh Uppal was the first person to bring Schiffli Machines from Switzerland to India (Amritsar) in 1943 under the name of Hemla Embroidery.

After gaining the required experience and knowledge, the business is overlooked and run by the 5th generation of the Uppal family, with guidance and reference available through the reservoir of knowledge that the members of the Family and loyal staff posses

  • We are manufacturers and exporters of all types of finished fabric for ladies’ dress material, men’s shirting, ladies’ and children’s garments, home furnishings and all types of laces.
  • Being in the business for so many years has allowed us to witness various ups and downs. Opportunity, because this has enabled us to anticipate market trends and minimise risks. As a result, we are more export-focused and try to manufacture our own goods for export at all times or work as deemed exporters. Countries and regions we work with and manufacture for over the years include places such as the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and Africa.
More About Divine Textile

Divine Textiles is Proprietorship Firm incorporated by Miss. Urmit Uppal who is also the director in Amar Embroidery Private Limited & partner in Ludhiyana Woollen and Silk Mills Pvt Ltd. She has more than 30 years of knowledge in different kind of fabrics designing and shifili embrodiadery.

Divine Textiles is also Manufacturing, sub-classified as manufacturing of textiles and is also engaged in the weaving and manufacturing of cotton and cotton mixture fabrics.

Divine Textiles was classified as Microenterprise in the financial year 2020-21. It has its unit situated at Hatkanangale, Maharashtra. Where they manufacture saropas for respected Gurdwara’s in India..


We are dedicated to creating and offering our customers complex and fresh designs. We can create extremely complicated designs with ease by combining the most recent technology developments with years of embroidery experience.


We combine design creation and order execution with the greatest level of precision using the most cutting-edge Swiss technology.


With regard to our team members and clients, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and support complete openness. This is also why we employ a number of exacting practices and procedures in our production process to guarantee that the final product is of the highest quality it can be.

About Ms. Urmit Uppal

Ms. Urmit Uppal is the daughter of Mr Gurbaksh Singh Uppal, she has completed her graduation from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Design.   

Her experience led her into manufacturing/designing denim bags, caps for kids and storage boxes. Later on, she joined the family business in Mumbai, where she took sole interest in creating new ideas for machinery design. These designs were inculcated in M/S Ludhiana Woollen & Silk Mill (LWSM). Specialized training from Saurer Company in Switzerland has added merit to her portfolio since 2005.  

Keeping in mind her forte, she has started her own trading company under the banner of M/S Divine Textiles. Her intention is to expand the company Horizon, by trading in all kinds of different Embroidery & Printed Fabrics throughout the globe. Not to forget her very own in-house boutique in which she caters for designing & manufacturing ladies’ dresses, beach wears, resort wear and Sarees to suit every choice. Maintaining Prime Quality is her strength.


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